Cider Brandy Liqueur

Cider Brandy Liqueur

The mix of cider brandy and apple juice is best known by its French version of Pommeau de Normandie.  

It has been suggested that it was once created by accident, much like many other great things.
Typically, a blend of two-thirds apple juice to one-third young apple brandy, it is a perfect aperitif or digestif.

Once blended, it is usually aged in the barrel for few years. Unless you have something so brilliant as juice from Kingston Black apples.


  1. The Somerset Pomona 20%

    The Somerset Pomona 20%vol 50cl

    Pomona takes its name from the Roman goddess of fruit. A secret blend of juice and Cider Brandy from the vintage apple orchards of Julian Temperley’s cider farm in Somerset.  This marriage of juice and brandy is matured in small oak barrels for two years to produce a full-bodied warming digestif .

    Light, clean cider notes up front with a real effervescent feel to it. Slowly gives way to a more thick woody nose with some toffee thrown in. It is light to taste with a smooth butterscotch finish and an undeniable aroma of the many types of apples that are grown on Burrow Hill Farm where it is made. Versatile and delicious, with a lingering aftertaste. Rich, smooth apple pieces. Always sweet but never cloyingly so.

    Drink after dinner like a port with a good cheddar cheese. It is in fact been recommended by many of the West's best cheddar producers to be served with their products. Also, enjoy it as a light port or sherry. Refreshing on ice if that is how you prefer your drinks.


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  2. Kingston Black Apple Aperitif 18%

    Kingston Black Apple Aperitif 18%vol 50cl

    Kingston Black Apple Aperitif is made by blending juice from the legendary Kingston Black, widely believed to be the finest cider apple in the world, with Somerset Cider Brandy. Another close relative to the more famous French pommeau.

    It bursts with reminiscent of white port or a Pineau de Charentes. Wonderful ripe apple aromas precede a sweet, invigorating palate of fresh orchard fruit. Big and appley but with a dry finish. Absolutely delicious, focused, rich and deep with a long warming calvados and oak finish.

    Serve chilled or over ice. Alternatively, try it mixed with a dry sparkling wine for a champagne cocktail with a difference.