Burrow Hill Cider in South Somerset at the base of Burrow Hill has been pressing cider for the past 150 years. Cider is fermented at the farm from fresh juice and then split about evenly for bottling as cider and for distilling.Contarary to most industrially produced ciders, there is no concentrate used in the production process. Burrow Hill's artisanal ciders have beenwinning awards all over England. 

Hogan’s is a new generation cider maker from Warwickshire. Made from fresh juice without any use of concentrate,Hogan’s Ciders and Perry are winning over new breed of cider drinkers through their contemporary looks and taste.

  1. Burrow hill perry 6.3%vol

    Burrow Hill Medium Perry

    This award winning perry is medium dry with a delicate bouquet of pear. Treat like a wine.

    Tradition says that you plant an apple tree to your children and a perry pear tree for your grandchildren. Perry making is a very old craft and perry pears are only to be found in very limited quantities in the West of England.

    50cl 6.3%vol 

  2. Hogan's Medium Cider

    Hogan's Medium Cider

    Golden, well balanced, slightly sparkling cider with caramel, butterscotch and dried fruit aromas.

    50 cl Alc. 5.4%vol 

  3. Burrow Hill Ice Cider 13%vol 50 cl

    Burrow Hill Ice Cider 13%vol 50 cl

    Ice Cider is made in deep winter by freezing the apple juice before fermentation starts. This concentrates the rich, intense flavours and reflects the bittersweet and sharp character which has made Somerset vintage apples so sought after. It can be drunk on its own or as a basis of a cocktail.

    Burrow HIll Ice Cider won Financial Times Best Cider Award!

    50 cl Alc. 13%vol


  4. Hogan's French Revelation cider

    Hogan's French Revelation cider

    A revelation by name and by nature, this is something a little different for the more curious amongst you. A Breton style cider born from the traditional process of ‘keeving’.

    50 cl Alc. 4.8%vol

  5. Farm pressed somerset cider 6%vol

    Burrow Hill Farm Pressed Cider

    Medium dry cider full of genuine cider apple flavors and oaky aroma from the barrels it is aged. Carefully carbonated.

    Famous as the drink of choice at the hugely popular “cider bus” at the Glastonbury Festival, it does everything you want a farmhouse cider to do. Blend of at least 11 varieties of vintage cider apples, straight from Burrow Hill orchards.

  6. Burrow Hill Kingston Black Dry Cider 11%

    Burrow Hill Kingston Black Dry Cider

    A dry, complex cider with a sharp fruit finish. Single variety, made entirely from legendary Kingston Black, widely regarded as the perfect cider apple.

    A beautiful apple aroma and poured very bubbly, like you would experience from a champagne. The taste is crisp, dry and has a distinguishing sharp finish. There is a decent rustic apple taste. Classy, elegant and gorgeous, yet down to earth and easy to get on with.

    Good enough to grace any dinner table. Drink made for toasting rather than being a thirst quencher. Bring out your champagne glasses.


  7. Burrow Hill Farm Pressed Cider Vinegar 50cl

    Burrow Hill Farm Pressed Cider Vinegar 50cl

    Matured from best Somerset Cider, pressed and grown on Burrow Hill farm. This vinegar is excellent for all culinary purposes. It's delicate hint of apple will add an extra dimension to your cooking and an extra dimension to your cooking and is especially useful when creating salad dressing. In the past cider vinegar was always considered helpful with ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism and general lack of vitality.

  8. Hogan's Dry Cider

    Hogan's Dry Cider

    Deep gold, slightly sparkling, dry cider with a fruity aroma of traditional bitter sweet apple with spice and peaty overtones.

    50cl 5.8%vol

  9. Hogan's Vintage Perry

    Hogan's Vintage Perry

    A medium, lightly sparkling perry, champagne like in colour, well balanced on the palate with subtle fruit tannin qualities and delicate fruit aromas. One of the few very real perries available outside Britain.

    50cl Alc. 5.4%vol