Chef-Guided Cooking Party

Cooking Together with Jaanihanso

“Cooking Together with Jaanihanso” offers a delightful and enriching opportunity to spend quality time together in an inspiring environment. Whether with friends, colleagues, family, or even clients, cooking together provides the perfect setting to practice teamwork and get to know each other amidst sharp knives, sizzling pans, and delicate glasses. As everything takes place in a real cider factory, part of the cooking experience inevitably involves the use and pairing of beverages. As W.C. Fields once said: “I cook with wine, and sometimes I even add it to the food.”


The gathering begins with a seasonal welcome drink and a tour of Jaanihanso’s unique production facility, followed by a comprehensive tasting. Then, the head chef takes charge, introducing the menu and action plan, and participants are divided into teams. Each team is tasked with preparing one dish from the menu. The head chef guides, demonstrates, and assists the cooks in preparing and serving the food. The journey concludes with everyone enjoying the dishes prepared together. Throughout the experience, participants acquire new skills, create and savor culinary delights, and enjoy the company of others—everyone contributes according to their desires and abilities, focusing on what matters most to them. The Jaanihanso team, including chefs and servers, ensures the event runs smoothly and seamlessly. They even clean up the kitchen afterward.


For up to 15 participants, the cooking experience costs €750. For groups of 16 or more, the price per participant is €50. Beverages are charged separately.

The cooking experience accommodates a maximum of 30 participants.

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Jana Jaaksalu
Jana began her culinary journey as a home enthusiast and passionate self-learner. This inevitably led her to a career in the food world, starting as a head chef on the romantic island of Kihnu and continuing as the head chef of the Pärnu Yacht Club, overseeing a top-notch kitchen. Today, Jana organizes the rapidly growing hospitality and catering sector at Jaanihanso cidery.

Jaak Hiibus
Jaak is a renowned chef in the Estonian restaurant scene. Some of the most famous restaurants where you could taste Jaak’s mouth-watering dishes include Gloria, Kaerajaan, Groot, and Sardiinid. Today, Jaak ensures the next level of Jaanihanso products, leading production and product development.

To ease his sense of mission, he helps train the next generation of kitchen wizards at Kehtna Vocational Education Centre.


As each person, group, and taste is unique, we tailor menus according to specific preferences and in collaboration with the organizer. Our goal is to provide each client with a unique culinary experience. We love local ingredients, but with equal enthusiasm, we teach how to eat oysters and cook classic French sauces. Together, we bake Kihnu bread and dark rye bread. For inspiration, we have prepared a couple of sample menus

Summer Grill

Grilled prawns with lemon-parsley butter and crispy julienne of vegetables
Main course:
Handmade burger with homemade beef patty and freshly baked buns, with a selection of toppings and sauces
Grilled chocolate banana with ice cream and strawberries

Estonian Sea

Smoked whitefish with bread crisps, sour cream foam and quail egg
Clear fish soup from seasonal fish
Main course:
Kama crusted Baltic herring fillets with potato-leek cream and cucumber-caper tartar sauce
Upside down apple pie or Tarte Tatin with white chocolate and Ice Cider ice cream.

Estonian Forest

Chanterelles with cheese on crispy bread with dried tomatoes.
Wild mushroom cream soup with serrano ham and puff pastry grissini.
Main course:
Slow cooked game in cider
Golden bread pudding made from Kihnu bread with blueberrty soup and blackberry cream.

Jaanihanso Favorites

Beef carpaccio with rhubarb sparkling wine sauce arugula and parmesan chips.
Burrata cheese salad with roasted tomateos, quail eggs, olives and Jaanihanso cider vinegar cream.
Main course:
Low tempeature cooked trout fillet with blanched asparagus, gilled zucchini and Jaanihanso HQ sauce.
Apple brandy backed apple with vanilla sauce, honey crisp and fresh berries.


In addition to cooking together, we can help organize entertaining or educational activities, from concerts to lectures. Creative activities, good food, and sharp minds go hand in hand.