Terms and Conditions



Ciderhouse.ee is an e-shop selling different goods, including alcoholic beverages, where OÜ Jaanihanso (Registry Code 10839040, hereinafter ciderhouse.ee) is acting as the seller.  Ciderhouse.ee and the client, who formalises an order in the environment of ciderhouse.ee and identifies him/herself by entering its personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Client, jointly as the Parties to the Contract), conclude this contract for use of ciderhouse.com (hereinafter referred to as the Contract for Use).

E-shop ciderhouse.ee

Ciderhouse.ee is an internet shop, by mediation of which the sale of goods to the users of the service is carried out. The domain name ciderhouse.ee belongs to OÜ Jaanihanso.

General provisions

Upon regulation of the relations between the Parties to the Contract, the Parties shall be guided by the Law of Obligations Act, other laws and legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the agreements stipulated in the Contract for Use. Ciderhouse.ee shall have a right to amend the services provided at any time and unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of the Contract for Use without an obligation to notify the Client thereof. Ciderhouse.ee sells the goods to legal personalities, as well as adult private clients.

Upon making a purchase on the website ciderhouse.ee, a private Client shall confirm that he/she is at least 18 years old. The age of the purchaser shall be verified at the delivery of the goods. In the case of delivery of goods via Venipak courier, the Client has to identify himself/herself by using an ID. Should the Client be unable to prove his/her age, the goods shall not be handed over and postage fee plus a handling fee of 5 EUR shall be deducted from refund for the products.

Products and making a purchase

The displayed pictures of the products are for illustrative purposes and may differ from the actual product. The specifications of products in ciderhouse.ee are not complete and may contain unintentional errors.

The Client shall select the products, insert data required for the performance of the order (given name, surname, contact phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, postal code) and pay for the goods in a manner chosen by the Client.

The Client represents and warrants that he/she wishes and agrees to pay a total purchase price of the product before the completion of the order. Should the Client select a bank link for making a payment, the purchase price of the product shall be paid immediately in the course of completion of the order through the bank link. Should the Client prefer making the payment for the product on the basis of an invoice, the Client shall be obligated to make the payment within three (3) calendar days from formalising of the order. The order shall be enforced after the receipt of the money on the bank account of the service provider. Exceptions are possible upon agreement between the Parties.

The Client shall submit true data in the course of completion. Upon the performance of the order, Ciderhouse.ee shall not be held liable for failure to perform the order or any consequences arising thereof due to incorrect data submitted by the Client. The sale shall be carried out in case the user of the service has formalised the order, entered all the required data and paid for the order.

Ciderhouse.ee shall have a right to limit sale of the products in case exceptionally large batches of products are ordered.


All prices of slowgood.ee are shown in euros and are inclusive of the value added tax. Ciderhouse.ee shall have a right to amend the prices of the products at any time. In case ciderhouse.ee has amended the prices after the Client has submitted the order and paid for it, slowgood.ee shall deliver the respective products to the Client at the prices that were applicable at the time the order was formalised.

Delivery time and conditions

The goods ordered shall be delivered to the Client by Venipak courier or some other courier as soon as possible.

Should the Client choose Venipak courier for delivery, the goods shall be delivered to the address, which the Client has submitted upon completion of the order. Upon arrival of the goods, a SMS-message or e-mail shall be sent to the phone number or e-mail address submitted with ciderhouse.ee. The Venipak courier has the right to wait no more than 10 minutes for the client to pick up the delivery.  The goods shall be issued only upon entry of the suitable ID proving the age of the Client to be at least 18 years.

Withdrawal from the contract before the performance of the contract by the service provider

Withdrawal from the Contract and return of the goods shall be based on the effective legislation. Pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union, the right of the consumer to withdraw from the contract and return the goods, shall not be extended to alcoholic beverages.

Should the Client notice, upon acceptance of the goods, that the parcel is damaged or wet, a respective statement shall be immediately made to the courier. In case of incorrect or defective product, ciderhouse.ee shall be informed thereof immediately after the receipt of the goods, by using the e-mail address cider@jaanihanso.ee. Ciderhouse.ee shall bear the expenses of replacement or return of the incorrect or defective product.

Personal data and use thereof

By using the service, the Client shall be deemed to have granted a clear and full consent to ciderhouse.ee for processing of his/her personal data. The personal data entered upon placing the order by the Client, shall be entered in the register of clients of ciderhouse.ee and used for the provision of sale services and offering of the goods to the Client. A source of the personal data shall be the formation of a client relationship upon registration of the order. The data belonging to the registered personal data is: given name, surname, contact phone number, e-mail address, address: city, street, house, apartment, postal code. Only the personal data that is necessary for delivery of the goods to the Client, shall be forwarded to the company providing the delivery services. Ciderhouse.ee shall not pass on registered personal data to third parties, unless such obligation is prescribed by the law.


The Client shall use the service of ciderhouse.ee only for the purposes that comply with the legislation and good practices. The Client shall be held fully liable for damages caused to the Client him/herself, ciderhouse.ee or third parties by failure to use the services of ciderhouse.ee in compliance with the Contract for Use, legislation or good practices.


All disagreements concerning the Contract for Use shall be attempted to be settled by negotiations between the Parties to the Contract. Upon failure to reach the agreement, the dispute shall be settled in Court, pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

Conditions for use

The Client has an obligation to examine the terms and conditions stipulated in the Contract for Use. By purchasing the client agrees to all terms of conditions of Ciderhouse.ee.