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Our Tasting Room was renovated in spring 2017 from an old Soviet era collective farm workshop. Equipped with modern comforts, the Ciderhouse Tasting Room can accommodate up to 100 people and invites guests to organize their parties, company strategy meetings, private concerts, cider tastings or any other events. There is a terrace, big lawn, open air concert stage and romantic orchard for events outside.

Jaanihanso Ciderhouse’s rooms and grounds

Ciderhouse hall: 135 m2 , accomodates 100 people

Black box theatre space: 231 m2 , accomodates 200 people

Ciderhouse bar: 98 m2 , accomocates 40 people

Meeting room: 28 m2 , accomodates 10 people

Concert stage and ground: 1 ha, accomodates 800 people

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Ciderhouse hall
Ciderhouse hall
Ciderhouse hall
Concert stage and ground
Jaanihanso orchard
Ciderhouse’i bar and shop
Meeting room