About Jaanihanso


Jaanihanso is a family owned and operated cider house and orchard located on an historic farm dating back to 18th century. It was in 2013 when a long-time hobby turned into professional venture and Jaanihanso Cider House was born. Jaanihanso is a fully certied organic producer since 2016.


We come from the North. Large parts of Estonia lay on a layer of limestone and the soil is generally rocky with limestone outcrops, just like in some of the best cider producing regions of South-West England and Normandy. Estonian summer is short and chilly but autumns are long, producing perfect less watery fruits full of flavors.


Jaanihanso cider is crafted from 100% local apples, hand picked from local orchards. The majority of our harvest consists of five to six traditional local varieties, from late to very late ripening. We make both single variety and blended ciders. All our fruits are cold pressed seasonally on site. Jaanihanso’s own organic orchard has over 6200 trees on six hectares.


We use natural wild yeast for primary fermentation, so each vintage will have nuances unique to that place and year. Most of Jaanihanso cider is bottle fermented, just like the best sparkling wines of the world. Years of secondary fermentation on the lees help ust to achieve the perfect aroma and most elegant bubbles. Our renowned Ice Cider is made by using cryoconcentration and oak barrel aging. All our cider is vintage.


Jaanihanso’s inception and central focus lie with exclusive champagne method ciders, but cider also holds a place in simpler forms and roles. The most affordable and convenient packaging for this purpose is a can. We have acquired machinery and equipment to produce everything on-site, enabling us to offer high-quality natural cider at an affordable price and catering to almost every taste. Even sweet lovers are taken into account. Naturally, alcohol-free ciders are also available in our selection.


Our Tasting Room Ciderhouse was renovated in spring 2017 from an old Soviet era collective farm workshop. Today Jaanihanso is an entertainment venue with seminar rooms, black box theatre space and concert stage and ground.