Cider, Sparkling wine and Stopper


Gift box with Rose cider , Rheum rhubarb sparkling wine and with sparkling wine stopper.


Jaanihanso Rosé 37.5cl

Vintage hand crafted medium dry cider from fresh farm pressed traditional Estonian juice apples. Wild yeast used for primary fermentation. Bottle fermented for at least 18 months according to traditional method.

37.5cl Alc. 6% vol

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Champagne bottle stopper

Champagne bottle stopper with Jaanihaso Ciderhouse´s logo.

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Jaanihanso Rheum Rhubarb Sparkling 37.5cl

Rhubarb, the most elegant on vegetables, goes through a miraculous transformation during its fermentation into wine. The result is a palate full of rich Nordic acidity and plenty of minerality complemented by almost sauvignon'ish aromas.

37.5cl Alc. 10% vol.

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Jaanihanso Rosé 37.5cl

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Champagne bottle stopper

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Jaanihanso Rheum Rhubarb Sparkling 37.5cl

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