Gift box with HQ Brut and Ice cider


Gift box contains:

Jaanihanso HQ Brut 75cl Alc.95vol

Jaanihanso Ice Cider 37.5cl Alc. 12%vol

Champagne stopper with Jaanihanso’s logo

Jaanihanso HQ Brut Sparkling Wine 75cl

Jaanihanso HQ is a classic bottle fermented sparkling wine made of fresh apples, flowering quince and local honey. A festive drink with strong nordic character.

75cl Alc. 9%vol.

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Jaanihanso ICEcider 37.5cl

This organic Ice Cider is made in deep winter by freezing the apple juice before fermentation starts. This concentrates the rich, intense flavours and reflects the sweet and tart character of Estonian apples. It can be drunk on its own or as a basis of a cocktail.

37.5cl 12%vol

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Jaanihanso HQ Brut Sparkling Wine 75cl

Weight 1.5 kg

Jaanihanso ICEcider 37.5cl

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